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Dynamic Tele/Net Infrastructure is among the leading Fiber Optic installation companies.  DTI specializes in the installation of all fiber types.  Whether it's for indoor or OSP, our team has you covered.  More and more companies are now using this high-tech means of data transfer for their un-interrupted service.


Fiber Optic installation is a complicated process.  Fiber optics are lines of plastic or thin glass that can send digital information by transmitting light signals.  Optical fibers have the diameter of a human hair and are bundled up into optical cables. The fiber optic network is the next step in telecommunication network technology. Optical fiber is superior to the traditionally used copper wiring in essentially every category. The dominance of sending information using digital vs. voice technology also plays right to the capability of fiber optics.


DTI offers services for your project from start to finish.  In the line of Fiber Optics, we offer the following:


  • Single Mode and Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Fusion Splicing & Terminating
  • Terminations (ST-SC-LC-MTRJ)
  • OSP
  • Conduit and Innerduct Installation
  • Blown Fiber and Tube Cell Installation
  • Fiber to the Desktop
  • Labeling and Documentation
  • Testing and Certification


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